Personal Training

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At every step we’ll be at your side to guide and plan your customized fitness program.

Personal Training Assessment

Everyone that exercises have specific goals they want to achieve. Our role will be to provide the constant encouragement and motivation for you to succeed. Let us design a personalized fitness plan with a structure that incorporates safe modes of exercise focused on helping you achieve your goals. At your first session a baseline assessment of your overall health will take place which may include:

  • Heart rate, blood pressure & body weight
  • Health & surgical history
  • Baseline strength, aerobic & flexibility testing

Personal Training Sessions

Sessions generally last an hour and will incorporate a cardiovascular warm up, flexibility, strength training, aerobic exercise and a cool down. Sessions are scheduled at the frequency necessary for you to attain your goals.*

*24 Hour Notice Required To Avoid Charge for Late Cancellations. No Exceptions.

Specialized Personal Training Programs

Beginner Level Training

We specialize in assisting individuals who, for the first time, are seeking to effectively utilize exercise as a means to improve their health. We develop safe exercise programs by offering clients the skilled instruction of a qualified trainer. Our staffs are experts in educating new clients on what type of exercises are appropriate to reach their goals.

Sport Specific Training

Our trainers have extensive expertise in training both amateur and professional athletes. Sport specific exercise programs can be designed to help athletes perform better and with greater skill. Training programs can also consist of exercises to prevent injuries through advanced strength training techniques including plyometrics, power lifting and functional training.

Post-Rehabilitation Fitness Training

Upon completion of physical therapy many patients want to transition into a safe exercise program. Our office specializes in helping clients achieve their lifestyle and wellness related goals. Exercise programs will focus on helping you resume or begin a program that prevents the recurrence of your injury and maximizes your overall health.