Wellness Programs

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Make your health a top priority and our staff will help you to achieve whatever goals you want to achieve.

Wellness Programs

Wellness may be defined as the balance of the mind-body and spirit which results in a feeling of well-being. It is relative to each person depending upon health status and individual goals. Our personalized approach starts with defining a short-term and long-term plan and then developing a coordinated plan to achieve them.

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Workplace Wellness

Let us educate your employees on smart ergonomics to prevent repetitive strain injuries. We will talk with your employees about healthy habits that can be incorporated at work. A member of our staff will customize a presentation for your staff based on the needs, challenges and limitations of your workspace.

Weight Loss & Fitness

After an initial consultation with a member of our staff, you may be referred to a doctor or program to develop an eating plan. We work closely with physicians throughout the Capital District to ensure that your nutritional needs are met. A well developed and individualized exercise program will be coordinated with your nutrition plan. Continued oversight by your doctor and our staff is essential to successfully achieve your weight loss and physical fitness goals.